Audition for the HAP's Production of

Esther, the Musical

Audition on ONE of these dates: February 8, 9 or 11, 2019 from 4 - 6 pm

The Audition Locations are yet to be determined. We will email you when the Traverse City venues are secured.

To Audition, please use the "Request Audition Materials" form below so that we may send you audition prep materials and keep you updated on the audition locations and other info. By merely requesting audition materials, you are NOT required to audition.

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Will be in Traverse City. We are still working on securing a rehearsal space. But we most likely will be rehearsing Fridays from 4 - 8:30 or 9 and Saturdays from 12 - 4:30. We should know for sure by Jan. 15th or so, and will post a rehearsal schedule. Go ahead and request materials and we will email you a rehearsal schedule then.

We can work with you a little bit on rehearsal scheduling if you have some conflicts. Just send us an email or call using the info below if you are concerned about conflicts.

Class Fee

There is a class fee of $125 to help us cover the expense of putting on a full-length musical of epic proportions. We do have payment plans and a limited number of scholarships available. Please contact us if you need some financial assistance.

The Composer will be Visiting!

We are working on details to bring the composer of Esther, Aaron Alsmeyer, and his wife up to see the show. Aaron has also agreed to talk with the cast and crew at a Pizza luncheon about writing and producing Esther, and about his new show that is in the works, a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. Epic!

More info on Esther the Musical

May 3 - 12, 2019

from Five Lanterns Productions (5Lanterns.com) comes this beautiful retelling of the Biblical story of Esther.

Young, orphaned, and a refugee in a foreign land, the beautiful Esther lives a quiet life with her guardian Mordecai until Xerxes, the King of Persia, picks her as his new queen.

Becoming queen of Persia might seem like the opportunity of a lifetime, but for Esther it becomes a test of faith and fortitude as she realizes she must risk her life to save her people.

Beautifully orchestrated with touching lyrics, Esther "is a gift to both the audience and the cast."

Auditions will take place Feb. 8 - 11, 2019 in Traverse City (Location to be announced)

Performances will take place
May 3 - 12, 2019 in Traverse City (Location to be announced)

Listen to musical excerpts on the Five Lanterns website here: http://www.5lanterns.com/the-music.html

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