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Cast Exceptions: Esther will be played by Naomi Spann Fri., May 31 and by Olivia Prior Sat., June 1 at 2 pm; Queen Vashti will be played by Olivia Prior Fri., May 31 and Meredith Mead Sat., June 1 at 2 pm; Young Esther/Judith will be played by Elsie Gibson May 24 - 26 and by Emily Dunphey May 31 - June 2.

Cast Diamond
(in Alphabetical Order)
Performing May 25 at 2 & 7 pm, May 31 at 7 pm, June 2 at 4 pm.
(See exceptions above.)

Eddie Broad   Playing: Yaslin

Emily Dunphey   Playing: Young Esther

Elsie Gibson   Playing: Judith

Lucy Leggett   Playing: Hegai

Meredith Mead   Playing: Layliya

Olivia Prior   Playing: Esther

Sarah Southwell   Playing: Hag

Naomi Spann   Playing: Queen Vashti


Cast Gold
(in Alphabetical Order)
Performing May 24 at 7 pm, May 26 at 4 pm, June 1 at 2 & 7 pm.
(See exceptions above.)

Eddie Broad   Playing: Hegai

Emily Dunphey   Playing: Judith

Elsie Gibson   Playing: Young Esther

Lucy Leggett   Playing: Yaslin

Meredith Mead   Playing: Hag

Olivia Prior   Playing: Queen Vashti

Sarah Southwell   Playing: Layliya

Naomi Spann   Playing: Esther

All Performance Dates
(in Alphabetical Order)

Jack Betts   Playing: Mordecai, Xerxes' Advisor

Sarah Elshaw   Playing: Kiana, Wretch

Riley Flaska   Playing: Maheen

Stewart Gibson   Playing: Harbona-Mehuman, Teresh

Lily Gibson   Playing: Shirin

Thor Grebe   Playing: Xerxes Advisor, Bigthana, Zibeon

Corbin Lantzer   Playing: King Xerxes

Emma Lantzer   Playing: Trella

Sophie Lantzer   Playing: Zeresh, Haman's Wife

Hattie Leggett   Playing: Kyri

Annaliese Little   Playing: Keziah

David Riess   Playing: Haman

Elsie Ross   Playing: Servant Girl Alana

Faith Southwell   Playing: Rachel

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